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“Krakow’s must see” guided walk from 120 zł. pp. ( approx. 29 €)

Walk around Krakow’s city center – among the others you will have an occasion to admire one of the biggest Market Squares in the world and the biggest one in Europe with medieval City Hall Tower , The Royal Route, Kanonicza Street – the oldest street in Krakow! We will also pay a visit to the Royal Wawel Castle – a residence of polish kings!

Jewish Heritage Krakow city tour from 120 zł. pp. ( approx. 29 €)

Kazimierz – A charismatic Jewish quarter which would be a main topic of the following walk including visiting the synagogue Remuh as well as old Jewish cemetery. As an exclusive extension to the tour we can also offer a romantic ride with Horse carriages.

Wieliczka Salt Mine from 140 zł. pp. ( approx. 33€)

You will walk down to the only one salt mine in the world working continuously since medieval till today ! Magnificent chapels, captivating underground lakes, original tools and equipment, traces of mining works allow us to understand the human struggle against the elements, their work, their passion and their beliefs. The Wieliczka miners have left behind many salt carvings and murals. After sightseeing, tourists can rest in the chamber complex 125 meters underground where they can find souvenir shops, a restaurant, and a post office. Visitors enter the Mine descending a 380-step staircase to Level 1 (64 meters below ground level).The return to the surface is by lift up the Mine Shaft, from Level 3 (135 meters below ground level).

Memorial and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau from 140 zł. pp. ( approx. 33€)

A Tour to the museum of the Nazi’s “Final Solution” terrifies with its enormous atrociousness and authenticity. The largest Nazi concentration camp formed during World War II where around 1.5 million people – Jews, Poles, political prisoners, and Gypsies – died at the hands of the Nazis. We invite you for a guided tour of the prison blocks, the gas chamber, and the crematorium. In recognition of the historical significance and memorial to all who died there, the former concentration camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau was included on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.

Zakopane – Capital of Polish Tatra Mountains from 180 zł. pp. ( approx. 43€)

The highest mountains in Poland have always amazed visitors with its beauty and this is why the tourist season lasts all year round. On Kościeliska street you will see wooden architecture from 19th century. On Gubałówka you will admire a marvelous panorama of Tatras and Zakopane. If you dare you can have a ride on a sledge track. The Museum of so called “Zakopane style” in “Villa Koliba”, St. Mary’s from Częstochowa church with baroque altars and wonderful stained glass paintings, Tatra Mountains museum are just some of the points worth visiting. For active people looking for contact with nature we offer a walk down one of the fabulous valleys in the Tatra National Park.

 The History of Beer – visit to Tyskie Brewery from 160 zł. pp. ( approx. 39€)

Learn the fascinating history of brewing the beer – the world’s oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world and the third most popular drink overall after water and tea. Tyskie Brewery museum located in the ancient chapel gathers collection of glasses, kegs, bottles machines and tools used for the procedure of brewing throughout centuries. See with your own eyes the whole process of brewing from the brew to the bottle. After testing of beer you will have an occasion to visit a gift shop with attractive souvenirs.

Pieniny Mountains – Niedzica Castle and rafting on Dunajec river from 280zł. pp. ( approx. 68€)

These beautiful mountains with high and sharp rocks are full of gorges and small canyons. In the picturesque surroundings, you will have an occasion to admire 14th century Castle in Niedzica, located on 556 meters high. Rafting with a traditional wooden float on the Dunajec river is the best occasion to admire the beauty of the wild nature of the Pieniny mountains – you can pick the 2 or 3 hours route. On the way back it is worth to visit Dębno with a wooden church from the 15th century and a unique polychrome included on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.

Wadowice & Kalwaria – memorials of John Paul II from 160 zł. pp. ( approx. 39€)

Visit a number of places connected with the first Polish pope John Paul II. You will have an occasion to visit Karol Wojtyla’s home and The virgin Mary’s offertory minor basilica where he was baptized. The 17th century sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska consists of the Bernardine Monastery, the Church of Our Lady of the Angels, 42 chapels and churches composed into the picturesque landscape, situated along the so-called “paths of Calvary”. John Paul II visited this place many times. Every year about one million pilgrims visit Kalwaria. In 1999 it was Registered by UNESCO on the World Heritage Cultural Landscape Site.

Pieskowa Skala Castle and Ojcow Landscape Park from 160 zł. pp. ( approx. 39€)

One of the most picturesque corners of the Malopolska region in the nearest neighborhood of Krakow. Unique rock formations like i.e. famous “Hercules’s Mace” 25 meters high and pretty routs gives an ideal ambience for walks and contemplation. As a must to see we have to list “Pieskowa Skala” Castle founded in the 14th century after rebuilt in the16th century which has remained the same since then. Ruins of the castle in Ojcow and the chapel “on water” are also worthy of notice. Since the 19th century Ojcow was gladly visited by poets, writers, painters and tourists.

Crazy Krakow Communism tour from 200 zł. pp. ( approx. 49€)

Let yourself be taken to the past by Crazy Guides. In Krakow you can still find some places looking exactly like during times of communism. Learn the history of the workers district built by communists in the 50’s and early 60’s – the idea was to create a model communist city. Stylish refreshment in a communism era restaurant just like those days and a visit to our “flat” museum where real workers will prove you that Polish vodka with a pickled cucumber is better than any other drink. You will have an occasion to be driven by a genuine Trabant designed by the Eastern bloc specialists.

Black Madonna Monastery in Czestochowa from 280zł. pp. ( approx. 68€)

Visit Poland’s spiritual heart and follow the footsteps of millions of pilgrims as you gaze upon the “Black Madonna” at the Jasna Góra Monastery. Our tour takes you to the place which receives around 5 million visitors a year (including over 150 thousand pilgrims on foot). You will have an occasion to visit the chapel of the miraculous painting of Black Madonna, which is the embodiment of the attachment to the Cult of Mary so typical of the Catholic faith in Poland. On the way back we alter our route slightly to admire the most spectacular limestone rock formations typical of the Kraków-Częstochowa Uplands. This allows us to stopover the only remaining castle of the so called Eagle Nest Trail at Pieskowa Skała.



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